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The Best Time to Take Your Probiotics

Long before the media was a buzz of ads about why you need a probiotic, naturopathic doctors knew the value of an optimally functioning GI tract for immunity and a host of other health benefits. Your GI tract is teeming with billions of organisms (friendly bacteria species) which help you make and absorb vitamins and minerals, form natural killer cells to fight infection and of course, digest your food for the nutritional support your body needs on a daily basis.

Everything is not all good down there in the dark.

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Plastic Water Bottles Can Make You Fat

Hydrate! One of the healthiest habits is to consume fresh, pure water throughout the day. But if you haven’t given up your convenient plastic water bottle for the sake of the earth, perhaps you may after you learn the link between plastic and your weight. It seems research from Health Canada is the first to show how the body metabolizes bisphenol-A (BPA) results in fat accumulation. Continue reading

Fibromyalgia & CoQ10

Antioxidants. Powerful protectors of cellular structures and function, no matter what your health or health issues. If you are a person with fibromyalgia (FM), looking for ways to help yourself is a struggle due to the very nature of the syndrome. Low energy and fibro fog get in the way of your best intentions. Thanks to research, however, we’re getting new answers on how to feel better. Besides magnesium, other nutritional deficiencies exist which can be successfully addressed if you know what they are. Continue reading