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Be well informed and well educated. Every one who knows TyH is aware that we are all about being pro-active to be healthier and reduce your risk of disease. What’s new, tried and what works? Share your experience. Learn from others. Join the exchange.

Fibromyalgia & CoQ10

Antioxidants. Powerful protectors of cellular structures and function, no matter what your health or health issues. If you are a person with fibromyalgia (FM), looking for ways to help yourself is a struggle due to the very nature of the syndrome. Low energy and fibro fog get in the way of your best intentions. Thanks to research, however, we’re getting new answers on how to feel better. Besides magnesium, other nutritional deficiencies exist which can be successfully addressed if you know what they are. Continue reading

Margy’s Favorite Skin Care

Natural skincare with research results! As a protective covering, skin is subject to damage because it is exposed to sun, wind and oxidation. With time, loss of skin collagen causes the skin to “sag”, all to obvious when you look in the mirror!

Since the skin is your largest organ, what you put on your skin should not be harmful as it will be absorbed. Two big offenders in skin care products are parabens (linked to cancer), and phtlates (potential disruptors of growth and reproductive hormones). While I have been careful to use products without dyes, parabens and the like, being diagnosed celiac meant I had one more ingredient to avoid: gluten. My search led me to derma e several years ago and after trying several of their products, I found my favorite! Continue reading

Nutritional Deficiencies & Disease

NO sugar coating here…

Someone once told me that you are responsible for what you know. Then who is responsible for what you don’t know? As I researched for Pre-Diabetes, Get out of the Box article, I found studies dating back to 1976 on the relationship between CoQ10 status and glycemic control. Whoa, say what? Other abstracts pointed out some statin takers went on to develop diabetes. How transparent does the evidence have to be? It’s well known that statins block CoQ10! How many people put on statins were advised of that risk factor, especially since you need CoQ10 for  muscle energy? Isn’t the heart the most important muscle in your body? While I try to be responsible for my health, I still depend on the medical experts to “take care” of me. Yet the American model of medical care is so frustrating because it operates on a sick system rather than a preventative one.

Just once can we skip the sugar coating and tell it like it is? Continue reading

Be Courageous! Change is an Action Word

There’s something wonderfully comforting about knowing what comes next. The feel of your favorite chair as you relax and unwind. The smell of morning coffee. That familiar smile of a friend. A fresh, tart bite of a Granny Smith apple. Or the soft flow of notes in a sweet song. Touch. Smell. Sight. Taste. Sound. Life according to you. But what happens when, in a single moment or series of moments, life as you know it suddenly changes? Continue reading